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Juanita Gutierrez, BSED, MSED


Juanita Gutierrez, BSED, MSED


Welcome to I AM A STARSEED, Juanita Gutierrez. Juanita holds a Master of Science in Education degree from Fordham University, New York City, USA. She has been a schoolteacher for many years and had received outstanding teaching awards. Juanita had traveled around the world and is listed in The World Who's Who of Women. 

She was president of the teachers association and speaker-trainer of teachers in conferences. Juanita entered in 2010, at the monastery in Virginia, USA for three years and three months to discern a call to the religious life. But she had to leave the monastery in 2014 to be the primary care giver of her beloved mother. It was not God's calling for Juanita to be a nun. She traveled in Europe and in Mexico and wrote fourteen books about her miraculous encounters with the Divine and other “ awakening” topics.

Juanita Gutierrez had seen paranormal visions in childhood and had experienced astral levitations. In New York City, USA, as a schoolteacher, Juanita was again visited by a galactic vision in 2010. In an effort to pursue these phenomena, Juanita took diploma courses starting in 2018 in Complete Tarot Success Reading, Usui Ryoho Reiki Level I, II, Master/Teacher, Crystal Earth Angel, Golden Ray Healing Teacher, Doctor of Natural Medicine, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine Advanced Diploma,  Psychic Mediumship, Meditation Practitioner/Teacher Certification, Manifesting Abundance for Healers and Psychics,  Removing Blocks to Psychic Power Through Past Life Therapy, Psychic Love Readings, Master Health Readings and Psychic Wellness, Herbalism, Child/Adolescent Psychology, Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner, Certified Angelic Healing Practitioner, Professional Chakra Healing Practitioner, Palmistry: Palm Reading Diploma Course,  Fully Accredited Vegan Health, Nutrition & Lifestyle Diploma Practitioner, Future Life Hypnosis Diploma: Moving Beyond Past Lives, Instant Health Quigongs, Professional Diploma in Numerology, Shamanic Sacred Space For Self Healing and Meditation, The 9 Rites of the Munay Ki, Initiation Into The Nusta Karpay, Spiritual Shamanic Initiation The Munay Ki Certified, Becoming Shaman, Perform Soul Healing Miracles, and other related manifestation courses.

Juanita is a 10th Dimension Agarthan Pleidian StarSeed. She feels her lifelong mission is to be the light worker, way shower, and energy healer. Juanita empowers Humanity to increase vibrations and positive frequencies through energy healings, motivational card reading messages, and meditation video series. In 2018, she began to be a Vegan or vegetarian after an “awakening” message from a HollowEarth Light Being.

Juanita Gutierrez has free monthly general card readings, meditations, Feng Shui lessons, Kindness Lessons, awakening news, and a foods recipe show on YouTube, entitled, Juanita Gutierrez, BSED, MSED.

 Juanita Gutierrez started this channel only this January 2, 2020, after an awakening "push" from her Higher Self.  The Source God Universe had used The Waymaker, Michael Annechino, a brilliant, very handsome clairvoyant, naturally gifted, Tarot Card Reader on YouTube, who Juanita saw in December 2019. Juanita thought that Tarot Reading is not normal for a college graduate like her even after being told of her "inner knowing" talents and healings. Then,  Juanita saw a "normal guy" good-looking, clean-cut, and smart. In that instant, Juanita subscribed to Michael's channel and decided to start her own YouTube channel, Juanita Gutierrez, BSED, MSED. The Universe will have its way, "by hook or by crook", as Juanita had been dilly-dallying even after being told by mystics on several occasions to delve into things she had never imagined.

Miss Gutierrez will forever be grateful and blessed with Mr. Michael Annechino, The WayMaker. The Universe had crossed their paths in Divine Timing for the good of Humanity. May the Source Universe Maker of all Life bless Mr. Annechino from this day forward. As well, as Miss Gutierrez, herself,  in this new venture in her life. And all Humanity and Beings in Mother Earth and in the multiverses be blessed, as well.  Love💝, light, 🌟and gratitude 🙏 to the Universe,  Michael, and all.  So it is. Hallelujah.

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